Ruh Al Teeb - Rasasi

Ruh Al Teeb - Rasasi
Ruh Al Teeb as the name suggests is the 'Essence of Purity'. It is an impeccable perfume, which is designed to captivate and fashion waves of Emotion.

It belongs to the family of oriental valley of flowers with notes of fresh flowers, musk and green floral accords. wafting through the air and stimulating desired sensations with lasting oriental valley flowery smell.

The bottle consists of high quality glass individually hand polished. It is encased in an exquisitely designed metal jacket. The purple color epoxy on the shoulder and the purple gem stones on the metal jacket and the top of the cap accentuates the aesthetics and embellishes this extremely elegant bottle. Annointing rod is attached to the cap for ease of use.

Ooh so gorgeous fragrance and so concentrated just one or two drops will last the whole day. For any Arabic perfume lover this fragrance is hard to resist, a must to try.