Oudh Al Abiyad - Rasasi
[Oudh Al Abiy]

Oudh Al Abiyad - Rasasi
It�s a fine blend of oriental and Arabic cultures which is infused with a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. It offers the most exciting aroma to enliven and energise you instantly. The non obtrusive shape of the bottle with its exquisite and high quality cap with amber colour gem stone offers a spectacle of delight and fascination. The top notes flow with bergamot, ciste germanium and rose tones which is then followed by woody, lily of the valley, cedarwood, lilac and sandalwood middle note. The base note exudes woody. musky. moosy and ambery notes. Oudh Al Abiyad offers the special privilege of owing a high quality perfume. It�s a perfect choice for everyday wear and will create a serene and relaxed atmosphere around the wearer. Mid-Market Oriental Spray Perfume.