Sanitary Case

Sanitary Case
Staying clean and sanitised is the quintessential element of the Islamic faith and is also at the forefront of when a Muslim is traveling abroad to perform Hajj or Umrah.

All Things Halal with its partner CSS (manufacturer of Sterizar) have come up with an ideal solution to the very issue of keeping sanitised whilst performing pilgrimage to the Holy cities and also ensuring that it does not affect the requirements of Hajj and Umrah. The Sanitation case consists of a variety of items which help keep you germ-free using non-alcoholic and scent-free products to ensure you have a clean and comfortable pilgrimage without catching any nasty bugs whilst abroad.

Case Includes:
• 50ml Sterizar hand foamer
• 100ml Sterizar Hand Gel
• Sterizar Face Towel Tablets (x2)
• 100ml Sterizar Anti-Bacterial Soap
• 1 Pack Multi-Purpose Wipes